Just like in battle,
but without losses

Firetag — is a system of equipment for a military-tactical game simulating the fighting. Players use weapons that fire blank rounds. An IR pulse is instead of the striking element. It is detected by special sensors. Shots without injuries. War without losses. Maximum realism. That's what a firetag is!


Blank weapons are combat models modernized in a special way for firing blank cartridges. This type of ammunition simulates a real shot, but without a bullet flying out of the bore. It provides absolute safety during team battles. With such weapons, any military-tactical game will become as realistic as possible.

Vest, headband or helmet?

You choose which weapon to install the firetag unit on and which defeat sensor is best suited for your equipment.

Priority of electronics

Shots are recognized by the control unit on the weapon in the firetag. Therefore, it is not necessary to integrate electronics into weapons.


A whole system of laser target hitting is built into the unit. There are two modular lasers inside - visible and infrared spectrum. The first laser can be used during the game as a target indicator, the second as the main emitter to hit the target. The unit has an accelerometer that allows you to read a shot. There is also a tactical flashlight for aiming lighting and a compartment for batteries.

Parameters and specification
  • General Parameters
  • Weight with power element — 200 g
  • Two power elements — CR123А (3.0 V)
  • Continuous operation time of the device — 6 hours
  • Overall dimensions (length×width×height) — 82×67×23 mm
  • Operating temperature range — от -40° С to +60° С

    Visible laser

  • Wavelength — 605-665 nm
  • Laser power — 4.0 мВт (according to laser hazard classifications — 3 A)
  • Target indicator spot size, depending on distance — 25 mm / 50 m; 50 mm / 100 m

    Infrared laser

  • Wavelength — 940 nm
  • Laser power — 50 mW
  • Radiation divergence — 0,5 mrad
  • Laser operating distance at minimum power — >400 m
  • Laser operating distance at maximum power — >600 m
Hostage Rescue
Bond’s Heritage
Capture of the Flag
Team Battle

One of the teams occupies the building or high place. The other team should take the object by storm and kill all enemy fighters. Stormtroopers should kill the enemy and occupy the building or the high place until the end of the game round, the defense team needs to hold on to the position and survive until the end of the game to win.

This scenario is for players who love the atmosphere of adventure action films. According to the conditions, bodyguards must escort an important hostage to the evacuation point so that terrorists cannot "eliminate" this VIP-person. So the task of terrorists is to find convenient points of firing and take him out of the game. According to the scenario, the following options are possible:
1. To equip the team with sniper optical sights or radio communications.
2. To organize ambushes.
3. To enter the traitor's position on the bodyguard side.

One of the players is a superspy with a reserve of 240 bullets and 6 lives. His mission is to mine and destroy the enemy's base. The base is defended by many armed fighters. There are 100 cartridges in the arsenal of each of them. Their goal is to destroy the infiltrator and prevent an explosion. The spy can get a walkie-talkie and receive information on it from his observer ally.

This scenario is about confrontation between prisoners and the police. Prisoners are escaping from the prison. Their mission is to find pre-hidden treasure boxes and not to get caught by the police. The police should keep the treasure box from the fugitives and neutralize the violators. The fugitives start to play with uncharged weapons and the police chases a few minutes after the start of the round. Criminals need to find a "cache" with cartridges to replenish ammunition. The former prisoners begin to search for the treasure with charged weapons, and the police continue to pursue and try to get the opponents out of the game.

Teams hold the positions on their bases. One of the teams needs to capture the opponent's usual flag and deliver it to their base to win. There is another option. Only one flag is left on the playground. One of the teams defends it, and the other tries to appropriate it. You can distribute maps before starting the game, on which the place of installation of the flag is indicated. Then the teams will have to navigate the terrain and first find the object, and then enter into a confrontation.

Players are divided into two teams. The mission of each is to find and kill the enemy squad. Rounds are short. The team that is able to disable all the enemies in a set time, becomes a winner. If there are survivors in each team at the end of playing time, the instructor blows into the whistle. There is one minute left before the end of the fight, after which the leader will be determined. The team, in which a large number of players has survived, will be the winner.


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  1. We develop electronics.
  2. We test electronic components for operability.
  3. We cast plastic cases of control units and hit sensors.
  4. We install blocks on blank weapons and integrate electronics into hit sensors.
  5. We download the firmware, test the operability of the layout, check the operation of electronic components and communication with hit sensors.
  6. We pack the order and put the technical documents.
  7. We send the package to the customer.

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